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Our Company

Our Company

The legal company “Yurservice Consulting Company” was established in 1994.

The company acts as a legal consultant for entrepreneurs and firms in the areas of management, banking, financial and tax law, investment law and advocacy work. Our specialists are always developing the most effective way of doing business for our clients within a constantly changing legal system and the competitive rules of the market. Bearing in mind the years of experience in legal activities in the Ukrainian and foreign markets, our partners can count on a distinct professionalism of our staff.

The central office of the company is located in Kiev. The owner and director of “Yurservice Consulting Company” since its registration is Kovalenko Sergei Viktorovich.

For the protection of all legitimate interests of our customers and partners, the company uses absolutely all possible legal and administrative measures to achieve a positive result in any circumstances.

Our practice

The specificity of the social, economical and legal changes in today's Ukraine frequently puts firms and corporations in rather adverse as for their activity and development circumstances. Even more often enterprises get into inconvenient situations owing to lack of legal knowledge and incorrect interpretation of acts of the legislation and due to the absence of proper legal support. And today legal accompaniment of the economic and financial activity becomes an integral part of civilized social and legal relations in Ukraine.

Also, taking into consideration that the fiscal law in Ukraine represents quite young and not finally formed branch of law, where the regulations frequently enable their ambiguous explanation and application, the participation of the financial attorney in enterprise‚s activity is absolutely necessary.

The lawyers of the law firm "Yurservice Consulting Company" provide all aspects of legal services in the following branches of law:

Legal support of commercial activity of the enterprises (subscriber form of service) Services of an attorney in criminal cases concerned economic activity (items 199-212 of the criminal Code of Ukraine)

Representation of the client‚s interests in courts (economic courts, appeal courts, civil courts, international commercial arbitration)

The fiscal law (tax consulting, financial consulting, optimization of client‚s taxation, appealing of the decisions and sanctions of tax authorities)

Services of an arbitration managery (bankruptcy of the enterprise and its liquidation, in the procedure of a readjustment of the enterprise and recovering it, s solvency, in the procedure of selling the enterprise as a complete complex International private law (International commercial arbitration, the analysis of the international treaties and agreements, protection of the investments and providing of the financial management procedure, opening of the representatives of international companies in Ukraine, minimizing of the taxation of international trade transactions)

Representation of the client in state institutions

The procedure of taking down sanctions from the exporter of production according to the regulations by item 37 of the Law of Ukraine " About the foreign economic activity"
Corporate law Bill turnover



Our contact:

Our adress: 19/7 Lipskaya str., Apt.14, 
01021 Kiev, Ukraine
+38044 253-78-75, +38044 254-04-74